Eco-friendly fuel for diesel locomotives

DB Cargo UK has tested an environmentally friendly hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) diesel locomotive fuel, informs railway magazine «Railway Supply» with the reference to DB Cargo UK.

Eco-friendly fuel for diesel locomotives
Picture: DB Cargo UK

Red diesel fuel, with reduced sulfur content, has been replaced with better environmental HVO fuel. The tests, during which they monitored all operating modes of the 67 series diesel locomotive, from idling to operation at maximum power, showed that the transition to an alternative fuel did not cause deterioration in the characteristics of the 3200 hp diesel engine installed on the locomotive.

DB Cargo UK, a UK rail freight company, is planning to start testing of its 66 and 67 series locomotives using HVO fuel.

Synthetic HVO fuels are one of the cleanest fuels in the world. HVO fuels are the result of hydrotreating vegetable oils or animal fats, as a result emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides are significantly reduced during combustion. The fuel is also resistant to low temperatures and biodegradable by microorganisms.

The British government has set an ambitious goal for the rail sector to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050. This goal can only be achieved by expanding the electrification landfill and using environmentally friendly technologies.


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