KISS electric trains, produced at the Stadler plant in Siedlce, made their debut on Slovenian routes.

Double-decker EZT KISS Stadler

This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to Stadler.

On January 14, a solemn presentation of KISS Stadler electric trains took place on Slovenian railways. The first train departed at 8.55 am from Ljubljana to Dobova with the first passengers on board.

These are the first double-decker trains in the history of Slovenian railways.

Stadler delivers five ER 160 FLIRT electric trains to Koleje Mazowieckie

The delivered trains were manufactured under the signed contract dated 2018, which provided for the purchase of: 11 FLIRT electric trains, 5 FLIRT diesel trains and 10 KISS double-deck electric trains.

In 2019, the carrier decided to exercise the option right and ordered an additional 26 Flirt trains (10 electric and 16 diesel).

Double-decker EZT KISS Stadler

The first diesel trains on the premiere tour started in December 2020. It is also worth recalling that the double-decker EZT KISS was presented in September 2021 at TRAKO.

KISS three-section double-decker electric trains for Slovenian railways were designed as regional trains with speeds up to 160 km/h.

Kharkiv signed a memorandum with Stadler on the development of urban electric transport

They are 79.84 meters long, 2.80 meters wide and 4.63 meters high. The optimally designed interior of the train offers 292 seats, 16 of which are first class, and stands 277 people. 18 seats in the second class and 4 seats in the first class meet the requirements of the TSI PRM specification.

The trains can operate with several types of traction and fully comply with the latest specifications for compatibility. They are equipped with ETCS Guardia, Stadler’s own solution for rail traffic management.

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