In the last days of December 2021, Koleje Mazowieckie received five more ER 160 FLIRT electric trains from Stadler.

FLIRT electric trains

Thus, the fleet of the Mazovian carrier already has 26 FLIRT trains, reports the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to Nakolei Pl.

The trains were manufactured in accordance with the third contract signed in September 2020. They will run on the Skierniewice – Warsaw – Minsk Mazowiecki route. The order value is about PLN 398 million.

The price includes not only the purchase of the electric trains themselves, but also staff training.

ES3000 battery-electric shunter

Stadler will also provide maintenance services. Under the contract, Koleje Mazowieckie will also be able to order up to two P4 maintenance level repairs for each of the trains delivered.

The project received co-financing from OPI & E for 2014-2020 in the amount of PLN 126.05 million.

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