Three-section main cargo locomotive 3TE25K2M with electric transmission of alternating-direct current with axial traction control.

Diesel locomotive 3TE25K2M - the most powerful in the 1520-gauge space
фото: А. Ефремов

The locomotive was developed by TMH Engineering specialists and is produced at the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant. Its design was created in accordance with the concept of “brand DNA” adopted by JSC “Transmashholding”. The share of domestic components in the design of the locomotive – 72.4%, informs railway magazine Railway Supply.

The locomotive with a capacity of 3 × 3100 kW is the most powerful on the 1520-gauge space. Equipped with a microprocessor control system, the locomotive is designed to drive trains weighing up to 7100 tons. It can be produced in a two-section version, it is also possible to operate in a four-section version with control from the main section.

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The locomotive is adapted to work in low temperatures and high mountains, equipped with a system of purification and dehumidification of compressed air. The possibility of air intake from the diesel room for the operation of the power plant at negative temperatures. The driver’s cab meets modern sanitary, ergonomic norms and safety requirements, provides comfortable conditions for locomotive crews, and equipped with an autonomous heater.

The transition to the use of locomotives 3TE25K2M reduces the cost of fuel and lubricants, maintenance and repair by 30% or more. Life cycle costs are estimated to be reduced by 25%. Compared to the locomotives of the previous series, the service intervals and equipment volumes of fuel and sand have been increased.


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