Recent sleeper inspections in Germany have led to new, stricter procedures at Deutsche Bahn (DB) for the following inspections. Sleepers have been at the centre of attention since last year’s deadly derailment in the state Bavaria. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to RailTech.

DB sleepers

Investigations so far have shown that faulty sleepers cannot be ruled out as a contributing factor in the 2022 crash that killed 5 people. DB is still in the process of inspecting 180,000 sleepers across the country. If potential problems are identified, the usual set of measures such as speed limits, route closures and immediate replacement will also remain in place. The result of these inspections is a new practice that will primarily affect sleepers containing a special additive. DB argues that stricter rules are being imposed on the already stringent inspection procedures.

Royal python found on long-distance train

The inspection rounds have led to more than traffic restrictions at 168 locations at least, and compensation will have to be paid to operators affected by the delays. Last August, DB said the resulting financial damage would end up in the hundreds of millions.

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