On September 14, Deutsche Bahn experts began working in Ukraine. They should help prepare a five-year development plan for the company.

Picture: DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH

In accordance with the agreement, UZ will pay for consulting approximately 900 thousand euros, informs Railway Supply magazine. Specialists from Germany must develop new technical conditions for the procurement of passenger cars. Then foreign companies will also be able to take part in tenders.

UZ expects to receive first recommendations from Deutsche Bahn by 2022

Also, Deutsche Bahn specialists should help develop a five-year development plan for the company, calculate the number of potential passengers, routes, carriages and trains.

They will also calculate the amount of state capital investment. As a reminder, this year, at the expense of the state, 100 cars from the Kryukovsky Railcar Building Plant were ordered for Ukrzaliznytsia. In order to raise funds for modernization, UZ chooses a new business model.

According to it, the city authorities must form an order for certain routes and partially finance, and possibly even participate in the formation of tariffs for these transportation. Thus, UZ will not be able to raise ticket prices, which are now at least 20% lower than the cost of transportation.

The pilot project is promised to be launched this year in Zaporizhia and Dnipro They are even considering the option of attracting private investors to the organization of passenger transportation.

There are also innovations in relation to train stations. So, for first-class passengers of Intercity or high-comfort trains, they want to create a lounge area similar to that intended for the clients of the Borispol Express in Kiev.

They also announce the improvement of the station service and the emergence of food courts. In January, the actual results of the audit of Ukrzaliznytsia and the previous business plan for 5 years should be announced.

Ukrzaliznytsia will strengthen the management of passenger transportation by the Deutsche Bahn team

Companies should also develop a format for cooperation in future, in particular, the option of attracting German top managers to work in UZ in positions that include management, planning, route management, procurement and work with clients.

It is noted that Deutsche Bahn is not participating in the privatization of Ukrzaliznytsia. As previously reported, Ukrzaliznytsia JSC and Deutsche Bahn Engineering & Consulting signed an agreement on consulting in the field of passenger transportation.


Ukrzaliznytsia will pay a million euros to Deutsche Bahn for consultations

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