Deutsche Bahn does not want to get into Ukrainian reality and Ukrainian corruption, – Omelyan.

Deutsche Bahn не хочет

Former Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan spoke about the options for cooperation between Ukrzaliznytsia and the German operator Deutsche Bahn, reports Railway Supply magazine referring to

According to him, it was planned that after the reforms UZ had to go public (shares had to be placed on the world leading stock exchanges), choose Deutsche Bahn as a strategic partner and sell 49 percent of the shares to them.

“In the meantime, the government is actually just manipulating the minds of citizens and fantasizing, because in fact they just hired one of the Deutsche Bahn divisions to prescribe a strategy for passenger transportation in Ukraine. However, we have many such strategies, just nothing has been implemented in practice, ”- Vladimir Omelyan.

He also added that the German company may receive image losses and is in no hurry to strengthen cooperation with UZ.

“Deutsche Bahn does not want to get into the Ukrainian reality and Ukrainian corruption and have image losses, as well as, possibly, financial ones. Therefore, until the company is cleared and reformed, talking about any management on the part of Deutsche Bahn is really ridiculous and the desire to find those responsible for the failure in passenger transportation, ”- Vladimir Omelyan.

UZ is practically bankrupt, but those who make money on the company prosper – Wojciech Balchun

As for the failure, the passenger vertical after the unbundling of UZ will show billions of dollars in losses, which will be “blamed” for German specialists.

On the eve, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov said that from 2022 UZ would allegedly transfer all passenger traffic to the management of DB Engineering & Consulting.

As a reminder, on August 26, the Kyiv Electric Carriage Repair Plant Private Joint Stock Company (owned by UZ) entered into an agreement with Deutsche Bahn Engineering & Consulting to provide consultations for Ukrzaliznytsia.

The cost of the contract is 891 thousand euros. However, xperts consider the agreement with Deutsche Bahn Engineering & Consulting to be illegal. After all, Ukrzaliznytsia deliberately avoided a tender to select a consultant for the company.

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