The ex-head of the board of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” shared his impressions of the meeting with former colleagues at the TRAKO-2021 exhibition, which took place this week in Poland.

Войцех Балчун

Wojciech Balchun

This is reported by Railway Supply magazine referring to Railinsider.

“It was a pleasure to meet friends and colleagues from the railway industry … It is nice that so many people remember long-term successes and even expect to repeat them. On the one hand, I was very surprised by the number of positive reviews on my experience of managing railway companies in Poland and Ukraine. On the other hand, questions were often asked – why then it was possible, but now it is not. I didn’t have a magic wand to heal companies, especially in the East, but overall, the results speak for themselves, and time is working in my favor,” he wrote.

Ukrzaliznytsia will strengthen the management of passenger transportation by the Deutsche Bahn team

Wojciech Balczun noted in his comments that after he left the post of head of the UZ in 2017 for some time, changes were still underway by inertia, but subsequently “a very rapid curtailment began.”

“Today UZ is practically bankrupt, but those who make money on the company prosper,” he said. As Ukrainian journalists note, when Wojciech Balchun was asked how he assesses the current state of affairs in the company, he replied: “The situation is more complicated than it was several years ago. I look at what is happening with great attention. There are no easy solutions. I know that a competition has now been announced for the new head of the UZ. But a change in company leaders is not complete without political influence … Any new leader will face old problems. Reforming a company like UZ, as it did in Poland, requires strong political will. Because this reform is difficult and painful. “

At the same time, Wojciech Balchun noted that he continues to actively engage in rock music. Chemia’s new album is slated to premiere in February 2022.

As previously reported, on September 13, UZ announced a competitive selection for the post of permanent chairman of the board.

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UZ announced a competitive selection for the position of chairman of the board

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