České dráhy are abandoning plans to modernize dozens of Bdmtee series cars for use in regional transport. The reason is the insolvency of Tratec-CS, which was supposed to repair them. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Zdopravy.


Modernized cars have many defects and often fail. České dráhy want to complete the modernization of those cars that are still in service on their own.

The end of the modernization plan means that passengers will travel longer in older carriages. From several solution options, the option was chosen with the purchase of 8 one-story electrical units with the working designation EMU140. Replacement should take place after 2025. Until then, passengers will travel in Honeckers.

Last year, České dráhy already tried to find another service provider. But there was no suitable one: either the price was too high, or the repair would have been delayed. Tratec-CS won the contract with the Czech Railways in November 2020. This is a framework contract for the modernization of 52 railcars. The price of modernization of one car in the contract was 13.5 million kroons.

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The modernization was supposed to lead to a complete transformation of the cars, the number of seats had to be reduced so that people had more space than before. The cars were also to be equipped with 230 V sockets and USB sockets for recharging electronics, a new audio-visual information system with LCD monitors, Wi-Fi, a spacious luggage rack and places for bicycles and strollers.

Bdmtee series cars were produced by the Bautzen Carriage Works (GDR at that time) from 1989 to 1991. 30 years ago it was a modern suburban wagon with a number of new structural elements not typical for other passenger wagons. These included, for example, central closing and locking of the doors or the chassis type GP 200 S, which allows driving at a speed of 160 km/h. Czech Railways currently operates over 200 wagons of this type. Due to the fact that the cars were produced in the GDR, they received the nickname Honecker.

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