Czech Railways (ČD Cargo) has started a big sale of unnecessary equipment. A total of 26 locomotives are sold, the price starts at 443 thousand kroons. The most expensive is the legendary Bardotka, worth more than five million kroons, reports Railway Supply magazine citing Hradecka Drbna..

Czech Railways has started a big "sale" of locomotives
Тепловоз 751 (Bardotka). Фото: Dezidor

ČD Cargo sells a total of 26 locomotives, both electric and diesel vehicles. The starting price of the cheapest is 443 thousand kroons. Currently, the locomotives are in depots in Hradec Králové, Ostrava, Břeclav, České Budějovice and Ustí nad Labem.

“These are unfinished vehicles that have been stopped for a long time and which would not be profitable for us to re-commission,” said the head of ČD Cargo Tomáš Tóth.

Interested parties can apply until February 16. The company will then select buyers according to the highest bid price. More information on the Tenderarena. website.

Diesel locomotive 751 (Bardotka) (series T 478.1 until 1988) is a locomotive produced from 1964 to 1971 at the ČKD plant. The locomotive uses a power plant that is completely similar to one used on the ČME3 locomotive: a four-stroke in-line K6S310DR turbocharged diesel engine (PDH 50 turbocharger) and a TD 802 traction generator. The diesel has a dual-circuit cooling system. The traction generator supplies four TE-005E traction electric motors. The diesel engine is started using the generator starting winding, which is powered by the battery.


Czech Railways announced a tender for the purchase of up to 50 multi-system locomotives

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