Construction of the Tavan Tolgoi – Zuunbayan railway line continues in Mongolia

The construction of the Tavan Tolgoi – Zuunbayan railway in Mongolia with a length of 415 km is 73% complete, reports Railway Supply magazine referring to the information from the Mongolian Railways.

railway line continues in Mongolia

It is planned to commission the object by June 31, 2021. After that, it is planned to launch the first test train. The main movement will be launched no earlier than two months of testing.

It is reported that the total volume of earthworks under the project amounted to 25 million cubic meters. The construction of bridges continues: there will be 27 bridges with a total length of almost 2.5 km. The project will also create a station. One of the most challenging sections is construction in the Gobi Desert.

It is planned to transport to the railway from 6 to 15 million tons per year.

The project is being implemented to increase the transportation of coal from the Tavan Tolgoi deposit for export to neighboring countries, in particular, to China. About 3 thousand units of equipment and more than 6 thousand workers are involved in the construction of the road. Work started in 2019.


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