The development of requirements for the second phase of the Latvian Rail Baltica has been completed and qualified applicants are invited to submit technical and financial proposals. It is reported by Railway Suplly with reference to RailwayPro.

Rail Baltica

Candidates’ technical and financial proposals must be submitted by October 31, 2022. The procurement committee will select the most advantageous proposal from a technical and economic point of view. The criteria for evaluating the technical proposal are also parameters such as reducing the environmental impact of the proposed work, for example, reducing emissions from construction equipment, using recycled materials, etc., as well as choosing solutions that ensure a long service life.

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Five construction companies enter the second stage of the procurement process. Developing the requirements for this phase has an additional complexity. Construction work includes site preparation, embankment construction, construction of railway bridges, roads and overpasses, relocation of engineering networks and construction of 200 km of tracks. The construction works will not only combine many complex building elements, but will also become the largest railway infrastructure construction in Latvia.

The tender requirements include experience gained from previous tenders for the construction of the Rail Baltica central hub, station and surrounding infrastructure at Riga International Airport, as well as from other Rail Baltica tenders held in other Baltic countries.

The construction of the Latvian Rail Baltica is expected to start in 2023. Construction work will be carried out as a matter of priority from the Riga airport to the border with Lithuania and from the intermodal cargo terminal in Salaspils in the direction of Lithuania. By implementing such a construction strategy, the European gauge will first provide rail access to the Riga airport and Salaspils terminal, and in the next phase will provide a connection to Estonia.

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