After two years of intense lobbying on this issue, it is finally possible to send electric vehicles by rail. From September 17, finished vehicles can be transported to, from and through China by rail. The official notice applies only to finished vehicles, reports Railway Supply citing RailFreight.

electromobiles by rail

“An internal review has been carried out and it has been concluded that it is relatively safe to transport electric vehicles by rail, unlike lithium batteries,” said a Chinese Railways source who sent out an internal notice to its subsidiaries last week.

The shipment of lithium batteries, which are in high demand by electric vehicle manufacturers, is still prohibited. But this first step can be seen as a “signal for the future transportation of lithium batteries and dangerous goods,” China Railways said.

Many freight cars have been queuing at crossings with Romania since April

Shipment of electric vehicles by rail is a really big first step to the market. Until now, they were only allowed to be transported by ship, and this is a much longer journey. The journey by rail will take about twenty days. Consequently, railway companies and shippers alike are in favor of easing regulations by China Railways.

“From a technical point of view, there are no difficulties in transporting electric vehicles by rail. In addition, all five of the world’s leading car battery manufacturers are located in Asia and currently account for about 80% of the market. This is a huge market potential.”

The demand for rail transport is expected to be huge. By October 1, the logistics industry can calculate market demand based on which train seats will be filled. Judging by the long list of lobbying companies, there will be no shortage.

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