The other day ČD Cargo received two new Siemens Vectron AC DPM locomotives, which will be used mainly in Austria. For the first time, the livery of the ČD Cargo locomotives features Alpine motifs and the Austrian flag, Railway Supply reported, citing Kurier Koleyowy.

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The locomotives have been at the ČD Cargo locomotive depot in České Budějovice since last week. The locomotives with numbers 393.001 and 393.002 are available in 15 kV/16.7 Hz and 25 kV/50 Hz power system versions. They can therefore run on parts of lines in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and, above all, in Austria and Germany. The diesel unit has a capacity of 180 kW, is adapted to a speed of 30 km/h and can be used to pass from electrified lines to the approach lines and vice versa.

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These are the thirteenth and fourteenth Siemens Vectron locomotives owned by ČD Cargo. Next year the company will purchase ten more Vectrons. These will be multi-system machines, which will carry the designation A54 and will be approved for operation in the Benelux countries.

In the case of the new electric locomotives, ČD Cargo is betting on the two most popular Siemens and Alstom series of locomotives. As for the Traxx series, the company already has sixteen locomotives, it will receive ten more in 2024 and eleven more in 2025. ČD Cargo is in the process of renewing its fleet, so these are certainly not the last purchases.

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