UK rail infrastructure operator Network Rail, through its subsidiary Network Rail Telecom (NRT), is implementing a program to modernize its communications networks. Railway Supply magazine writes about this with reference to zdmira.

Network Rail

NRT owns all telecommunications assets of the UK railways, including almost 20,000 km of fiber optic and 18,000 km of copper cable and 2,500 cellular base stations. This cable network transmits data from train traffic control and safety systems, organizes voice communications, as well as technological communications in line divisions. The fiber optic cable in use has reached its end of life and has reached its bandwidth limit.

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The GSM-R train radio system on the Network Rail network is based on 2G mobile technology and is due to be replaced by the next generation FRMCS 5G rail radio system over the next decade, which will require an upgrade of the base station network.

Network Rail is currently discussing a long-term partnership with a consortium of private companies to modernize its outdated telecommunications infrastructure. The consortium members are two companies specializing in the development of base stations and fiber-optic technology. The upgraded Network Rail communications network will improve connectivity across the country, with the ability to allocate channels to public carriers on a commercial basis. The parties are expected to reach an agreement by mid-2023.

Recently, NRT, as part of the UK Government’s Building Digital UK initiative, installed a high-capacity fiber optic cable on the 116 km section of the TransPennine between York and Manchester.

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