Despite the intensification of the pressure and repressive measures of the the state and the management of the BelZhD, they fail to exterminate the spirit of protest from the railway workers. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to the Community of Railway Workers of Belarus.

1941 USSR poster. 81 years have passed, propaganda is the same. The inscription says: “Be vigilant when inspecting rail tracks”

Inspections of offices and personal computers by employees of personnel and information departments with the participation of “unknown” persons, digging into personal belongings and the contents of smartphones of BelZhD employees have already become normal. It is also practiced to inspect offices and computers without the participation of those who work there – they are simply put out the door. And the refusal to present the contents of the smartphone, including the Telegram messenger, threatens to take the person to an unknown destination. We certainly know that all these “unknown” persons are KGB officers, however, nobody bothers to explain this to collective, violating the procedural regulations, as well as the rights and freedoms of citizens. It is also no secret that both in the management of the BelZhD and in the departments, deputy chiefs for security have recently appeared. Seven overseers for repressions, with one of the highest salaries on BelZhD.

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We are pleased with the next cries on the pro-government Telegram channels about “spies” and “traitors” on the Belarusian railway, “leaking information about the movements of military echelons”! With enviable consistency, these tantrums appear on various resources with questions to the head of the Belarusian Railways and the Minister of Transport about their competence or suitability for their positions, with criticism of the “warm rooms and soft chairs” in which these officials work, and other claims.

This means that, in addition to the practical benefits of monitoring the movements of the occupying troops, there are other positive effects that do not allow these criminals to sleep peacefully, as well as quietly create their own “game”. It is clear that this is unlikely to cause the dismissals of criticized leaders, but it definitely diverts the resources of pro-government figures and law enforcement agencies.

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