Work has begun on organizing the movement of seven-car trains along the Purple Line of the Baku Metro. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to the carrier’s website.

Baku metro

In 2008, with the implementation of the Decree on the development of the Baku Metro, large-scale activities were launched: relevant surveys were carried out, the Main Plan for the Development of the City of Baku was developed, and the directions of passenger traffic and related issues were carefully studied. As a result, in accordance with the conceptual scheme for the development of the Baku Metro approved by the head of state in 2011, it is planned to build 3 new lines. Taking into account the prospects for the development of Baku, the passenger platforms of the stations of the new lines are designed for the movement of 7-car trains.

Since there were only two stations on the Purple Line, which entered service in 2016, five-car train service was considered suitable. Currently, 3 stations are in operation, and an electric depot and one more station will be put into operation in the near future. For this reason, the parameters of the seven-car traffic have been changed in accordance with the technical requirements. Also, modern control systems of a new type of train traffic, consisting of 7 cars, are being built on the Purple Line.

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Based on the results of inspections, the commission approved an action plan to ensure the operation of seven-car trains in accordance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documents. Control and testing activities conducted. After trial runs, it was allowed to form seven-car trains and use them in the process of passenger transportation on the Purple Line.

Based on successful tests, seven-car trains were gradually included in the process of passenger transportation. Currently, all trains on the line are in the process of carrying passengers in seven wagons.

The Red and Green lines of the metro are intended for the movement of five-car trains only. In 1967, when the Baku Metro was put into operation, three-car trains were used. Since May 1974, due to the increase in passenger traffic, trains have been formed as four-car trains. Since January 1984, trains on the Red and Green lines have been equipped with five cars.

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