Azerbaijan Railways CJSC continues the reconstruction of the Barda-Agdam, Horadiz-Agbend railway lines and the construction of a new railway branch Fuzuli-Shusha.

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The length of the reconstructed Barda-Agdam road will be 47.1 km. Within the framework of the project, the Barda and Kocharly stations will be repaired, and the Tazakend and Aghdam stations will be reconstructed, reports Railway Supply magazine with reference to RZD-Partner.

It is also planned to build 114 engineering structures on the line. The design and dismantling works of the railway line in the direction of Barda-Kocharly-Tazakend have now been completed.

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According to the Azerbaijan Railway, the axial length of the Horadiz-Agband line, laid down on February 14, 2021, is 110.4 km.

The single-track railway will consist of eight stations; in total, it is planned to build almost 300 artificial engineering structures within the project. Together with the Horadiz station, seven more railway stations will be completely rebuilt. As for the Fuzuli-Shusha railway (Shusha is the second largest city of Nagorno-Karabakh, which came under the control of Azerbaijan as a result of the war in the fall of 2020), the length of this single-track line is 83.4 km.

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The project provides for the construction of two new stations – Fuzuli and Shusha, as well as about 200 infrastructure facilities. The topographic studies of the railway track have already been completed and the design of artificial engineering structures continues.

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