Amsted Digital, a subsidiary of the railcar corporation Amsted Rail, has signed a multi-year contract with Ermewa, one of Europe’s largest leasing companies, to supply 7,000 IQ Series on-board telematics devices to monitor the technical condition of key freight car components. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to zdmira.

Amsted Rail

The IQ Series is built on the latest maintenance-free telematics platform powered by solar and rechargeable batteries. They allow you to control the main parameters of the running gear of the car. The devices are certified in accordance with the requirements of the standards in force in Europe and North America.

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The data collected by the devices is sent to Amsted Digital’s cloud platform using Microsoft Azure service servers. The data is analyzed and made available to operators involved in maintenance planning and transportation. The devices are capable of tracking the location of railcars, recognizing whether they are loaded or empty, detecting sliders on the wheel tread, identifying brake problems, and performing a number of other functions without the use of external sensors.

Ermewa, which has a fleet of approximately 100 thousand units. of rolling stock, was bought in November 2022 by the Canadian pension fund CDPQ and the German company DWS from the French National Railway Society.

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