In the suburbs of Almaty, it is planned to build a railway station Almaty-3. This was announced at a working meeting on “Adjustment of the General Plan of Almaty” project , informs railway magazine «Railway Supply» with reference to the Krisha news agency.

to build railway station

The construction of the Almaty-3 station is necessary for unloading cargo flows, but it is also important for passenger traffic. The total length of the tracks of the railway junction in Almaty is 69 km. The railway junction includes 9 stations, including Almaty-1 and Almaty-2.

It is planned to implement a number of projects for the development of the Almaty agglomeration, including:

  • construction of second tracks on the line Almaty-1 – Almaty-2;
  • construction of a suburban railway station at Almaty-2 station;
  • construction of a passenger-and-freight railway line Almaty-1 – Talgar;
  • construction of a tram line Almaty – Uzynagash.


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