Express Service OOD has received an order from Technicenter SNCF de Lyon Gerland for the ES1000 battery locomotive.

Battery locomotive ES1000
Battery locomotive ES1000

This will be the first delivery of Express Service battery powered shunting locomotive to a French national carrier. The ES1000 battery locomotive will operate at the TGV depot of the national French carrier SNCF.

“We are delighted to help SNCF move towards an environmentally friendly and efficient way of maneuvering in its train depots. ES1000 is the optimal solution for railway maneuvers in depots and other enterprises”, said Tsvetelin Kolev, head of the Express Service OOD project, to Railway Supply magazine.

MDD5 is the most environmentally friendly shunting locomotive in Europe!

As a reminder, earlier the Bulgarian manufacturer demonstrated the first video review of the new MDD5 diesel shunting locomotive. The largest and most powerful MDD5 shunting locomotive was developed, designed and manufactured at the locomotive plant in Ruse.

Express Service OOD

Express Service — это восточноевропейский лидер в области производства маневровых локомотивов.

Express Service is the Eastern European leader in the production of shunting locomotives.

The Bulgarian company has developed a range of diesel shunting locomotives and battery-powered locomotives that can provide a practically full range of shunting operations on the territory of industrial enterprises, access roads, railway stations and even when servicing light rail transport.


ES1000 battery-electric shunter

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