MDD5 is the most environmentally friendly shunting locomotive in Europe!

The newest, largest and most powerful MDD5 shunting locomotive was developed, engineered and manufactured at the locomotive plant in Ruse. It is one of the largest and most technologically advanced machines ever produced in Bulgaria. The locomotive is the pride of its creator Anastas Kolev, as well as the entire team of engineers and employees of Express Service OOD, informs Railway Supply magazine with a link to the Express Service OOD website.

MDD5 is the most environmentally friendly shunting locomotive in Europe!
Picture: Express Service OOD


  • Total power – 960kW
  • Wheelset arrangement  – B’- B’
  • Pulling force at the start – 240kN
  • Nominal weight – 72t
  • Fuel consumption at idle speed – 2.6 l/h
  • Engine Environmental Compliance – Stage V
  • Remote control

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The MDD5 is a great pride for the entire Express Service OOD team, the MDD5 shunting locomotive combines the latest advances in technology, mechanics, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and telecommunications. All onboard processes are monitored and recorded in real time on remote servers.

маневрового локомотива
Picture: Express Service OOD

The MDD5 locomotive will replace the old Romanian locomotive of the 55 series (LDH1250), which is well known in the region.

MDD5 will also be the platform for future Express Service OOD’s hybrid and battery-powered locomotives.


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