Logistics company Rumo has introduced an advanced AI damaged rail detection system to improve detection accuracy and reduce false alarms. It is reported by the Railway Supply magazine with reference to the Railway Gazette.


Rumo started its damaged rail project in 2018 by installing devices at various locations in its 1676mm gauge freight network to monitor track conditions. They relayed information about potential anomalies to a network monitoring center, which then relayed relevant data to train drivers in real time, helping to reduce the risk of derailment.

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According to Rodrigo de Souza, rail technology manager at Rumo, the introduction of AI in a trial mode began in August and September this year and resulted in a 6.25% improvement in detection accuracy. The AI equipment also identified 14 false alarms that would otherwise have required the dispatch of maintenance crews. “The integration of the system reduced the number of notifications that led to a train stop or a speed limit,” Sousa explained. “With this new model, we have improved operational efficiency and reduced the number of cases of this type by 50%.”

After the completion of the initial test program, Rumo will begin the process of upgrading its on-line damaged rail detectors with AI features.

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