A competition for inventors is being held in the UK

The UK Department for Transport has announced the traditional annual First of a Kind competition for the best innovations in rail transport to improve passenger transport and reduce emissions. The prize pool for 2021 is £ 9 million (over € 10 million), informs Railway Supply magazine citing globalrailwayreview.com. 

A competition for inventors is being held in the UK

Applications from organizations for participation in the competition are accepted until March 10, 2021.

To date, following previous tenders, the Department for Transport (DfT) and the government agency for innovation (Innovate UK) have already invested about £ 25 million in the development of various projects.

For example, among the winners of competitions in the past years there is HydroFLEX, which developed the UK’s first full-size train with a hydrogen engine.

Other projects include: drones for track condition inspectors, automatic anti-icing heating of passenger platforms, soundproof fences, etc.


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