English rail workers will be equipped with “anti-COVID” helmets

The construction of the HS2 high-speed line in England will use innovative helmets with technology that helps maintain social distance to minimize the risk of COVID-19, reports railway magazine Railway Supply with a link to the project website.

"anti-COVID" helmets

One of the main construction contractors, Eiffage Kier Ferrovial BAM (EKFB), has signed a contract with start-up Plinx to supply 1500 unusual helmets for workers.

They are equipped with sensors to track how close employees are to each other. If they come within a distance of less than 2m, the devices begin to emit a beep, vibrate and flash. In this way, they notify users to keep their distance.

Data from these devices will provide managers with valuable information to manage workflows to make them safer for workers.

In addition to social distancing, Plinx will alert you when you approach dangerous areas and vehicles, which will also help prevent injury.

The technology will be applied first to the new high-speed rail section at Boddington, Warwickshire, and then to the entire central construction site.


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