Russia’s Transmashholding, which is under sanctions in Ukraine, has received permission to build 50 double-decker dining cars of a new type. The dining car model 61-4525 is based on an improved body, which allowed to expand the cabin.

double-decker dining cars

It also used air suspension for the first time, which provides the car with a smoother ride, informs Railway Supply magazine referring to CTS.

On the first floor of the car there is a kitchen, a laundry room and a bar for four people, on the second floor there is a dining hall for 36 people. The car is equipped with a refrigerator with a capacity of 3000 liters and a 700-liter freezer. The transfer of hot dishes and used utensils between the first and second floor is provided by an elevator. The car also has two toilets, a shower and a separate garbage collection area.

It is reported that for the first time there is a possibility for passengers to travel by ticket in two-storey dining cars. All seats in the dining room on the second floor have numbers. Also they are equipped with armrests. The dining car will also have luggage racks and a rack for bulky luggage.

Earlier, the Polish PKP Intercity received ten modernized dining cars a year ago. Each car has 12 tables and 36 seats, a storage room and clothes hangers. The dining cars, designed for 160 km/h, are equipped with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi.

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