By 2029, Alstom will produce 369 electric locomotives in Kazakhstan, 250 of which are freight and 119 are passenger.

electric locomotives in Kazakhstan

This was reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to the Press Service of the Kazakhstan Railway.

The next agreement was signed by JSC NC “KTZ” and Alstom. The ceremony took place at the Elektrovoz Krastiru Zauity plant, where locomotives are manufactured.

According to Guillaume Tritter, Managing Director of Alstom in West and Central Asia, Alstom is increasing the localization of production in Kazakhstan: “If 9 years ago, in the year the plant was founded, the percentage was only 4, today we have developed our production with a level of localization of 30%. This became possible due to the transfer of European technology to the plant and the organization of the production of traction transformers ”.

By 2029, the plant will produce 369 electric locomotives, 250 of which are freight and 119 are passenger.

Now 95 freight and 27 passenger electric locomotives have left the assembly line. 24 freight locomotives have been exported to Azerbaijan.

As previously reported, this summer the plant produced the first passenger locomotive fully assembled in Kazakhstan.

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