The EBRD has provided the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (AMM) with a loan of 125 million euros for the construction of the Dikimevi-Natoyolu metro line. The underground metro line with eight stations and a 7.4 km long tunnel will run at a depth of 30 to 45 meters below ground level.

Metro construction

In 2020, the municipality launched a tender for design services for the construction of a new metro line, and in October 2020, a contract was signed with the Istanbul Metro, informs Railway Supply magazine, citing RailwayPro.

In February 2022, AMM submitted the project to the Ministry of Transport. After its approval, a tender for construction work will be announced and the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will submit an investment application for funding from the state budget. The total cost of the project, excluding the budget for the purchase of rolling stock, will be 337.44 million euros.

Private traction pilot companies are still unable to start transportation

Metro project was announced by the municipality in February 2020, and surveying and drilling work began in January 2021. The project follows existing roads to minimize land acquisition.

It is expected that in 2026 the Dikimevi-Natoyolu metro line will carry about 11 thousand passengers in one direction during peak hours, and by 2050 – 691,500 passengers per day.

The project will contribute to a significant reduction in air pollution in the city of Ankara, as it will allow the transfer of part of the passenger flow from private cars and buses to low-carbon public transport.

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