VR FleetCare introduces an automatic train checker. Finnish rolling stock maintenance company VR FleetCare will install a train scanner in June. The device is designed to check the external condition of trains automatically.

automatic train checker
Picture: VR FleetCare

The device has been tested for one year and will test the Flirt commuter trains that serve the Helsinki rail network. The goal is to be able to reliably identify any faults and spots on the outside of trains, reports Railway Supply magazine referring to Railway Pro.

The device was developed in collaboration with VR FleetCare and Vire Labs, a Finnish company providing machine intelligence-based IoT solutions.

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The train scanner is based on machine vision, shape recognition and artificial intelligence. On both sides of the track, there are 6.5 meter high poles with scanners that are used to scan a passing train.

The sides and roof of the train are scanned by a linear camera with extremely high imaging speed and analysis accuracy with a resolution of approximately a few millimeters. The data from the scanner is instantly processed by edge computing, which analyzes the data and reports any deviations. The information is instantly available to the train maintenance operator and is also stored in the cloud for further analysis.

Until now Train Scanner has only been tested on passenger trains, but due to its scalability, the device can be used to check any rolling stock.


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