From February 15, for the period of martial law and 90 days after its cancellation, Ukrzaliznytsia will charge for transit cargo transportation at domestic tariff rates, said Valery Tkachev, deputy director of the department of commercial work at JSC UZ. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to the CFTS.

UZ tariff

After the start of full-scale Russian aggression, Ukraine stopped participating in the Tariff Agreement of the railway administrations of the CIS member states, within the framework of which the tariff policy for the transportation of transit goods was approved annually. As a temporary measure for the period of martial law and 90 days after it, it was decided to charge a fee for the transportation of transit goods through the territory of Ukraine according to the rules and tariffs of the Tariff Book using the current coefficients.

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Since the beginning of 2023, Ukrzaliznytsia has been reserving funds for transit transportation on the accounts of forwarding companies. After the official introduction of the order of the Ministry of Infrastructure, payments for the transportation carried out will be transferred and written off in accordance with the current procedure.

The amount of payment for transit traffic depends on the range of goods, the distance of transportation, the type of rolling stock. The size of the tariff for the transportation of a number of goods may increase when applying the new procedure for calculating fees, Ukrzaliznytsia specified.

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