The new management of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” must revise the terms of long-term contracts for the lease of freight cars, concluded during the work of the head of UZ Vladimir Zhmak. This is the opinion of Sergei Leshchenko, a member of the supervisory board.

UZ must reconsider long-term freight car lease contracts, - Sergey Leshchenko

“The contracts between UZ and Metinvest named after Zhmak-Irakli (Irakli Ezugbaya – UZ ex-director for commercial work and logistics) impose huge fines on UZ. Law enforcement officers should figure out why they did sign such contracts for three years with such conditions and without receiving approval from the supervisory board. But the contracts are valid, and therefore the wagons go to Metinvest in order to avoid fines”, he explained during a discussion on Facebook the situation with the lack of free gondola cars before delivery, reports Railway Supply magazine, citing Railinsider.

He also stated that “the revision of contracts should be a task for the new acting chairman of the board of UZ”. As a reminder, since August 8, the Transport Logistics Center branch has banned the supply of its own wagons for loading, except under long-term contracts.

Earlier, Ukrzaliznytsia offered the market a service of long-term wagon rental at a fixed price, while the rental rate was set at 480 UAH / day.


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