The company tries to attract as many participants as possible to the competition.

 purchase of 80 electric trains

This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply.

UZ several times extended the tender for the purchase of 80 electric trains in order to increase the number of participants in the auction. On December 15, Alexander Pertsovsky, the head of the company passenger department, spoke about this during a briefing on new services.

Siemens became interested in UZ tender for the purchase of electric trains

“There is a really keen interest of at least 5-6 global manufacturers. We see a lot of requests to postpone the tender. This is due to the fact that international players have a whole procedure for preparing and approving technical price proposals. In total, international railways spend at least six months to collect applications. Therefore, we are meeting these requests. We do not want to narrow the competition and want to provide an opportunity for as many manufacturers as possible to participate, ”said Pertsovsky.

According to him, the purchase of such a number of electric trains is “an important point” because this is a “historical purchase of rolling stock” and UZ does not want “someone to be left out because they did not have time technically.”

He added that the tender process is public and during it there were a lot of technical clarifications, in comparison with all large international tenders for rolling stock, the UZ tender, even with that delay, is at least twice as short.

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