Ukrzaliznytsia began to demand from the tenants of Kazakh tank cars for liquefied hydrocarbon gas registration of temporary import of wagons. Because of this, the movement of a large number of wagons remains blocked. It is reported by Railway Supply with reference to Rail.insider.

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We are talking about the tank cars of Kazakh owners, which on February 24 were in Ukraine. The main information and computing center simply does not put foreign rental wagons into operation without the temporary importation of UZ.

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An importer from Kharkiv draws attention to another nuance: the requirement to issue temporary import for wagons involved in import operations. “This fleet travels for gas to Poland, Moldova, Romania, that is, it does not participate in cabotage transportation. So we need to issue temporary export for each operation, and upon return – temporary import. This is nonsense,” the trader notes.

Registration of temporary import per month costs 3% of customs duties when importing equipment. In fact, this is a fee provided for the operation of foreign equipment on the territory of Ukraine. However, for the wagons, which, as before the large-scale war, are constantly in transit, according to market participants, the requirement is inadequate.

After the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, there were approximately 400 tank cars involved in the supply of gas produced by the US-Kazakhstan Tengizchevroil and owned by Kazakh logistics companies. In April-May 2022, a number of Ukrainian counterparties of Tengizchevroil agreed with the company to lease this park so as not to return it to Kazakhstan.

According to the publication, the involvement of Kazakh tank cars in gas imports helped accelerate the pace of filling the market in April-August 2022. According to Ukrainian traders, the blocking of wagons today has already led to “significant disruptions in the organization of transportation of liquefied gas across the western border and has had an extremely negative impact on relations with Western companies.”

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