USA: huge investment in rail transport

US President Joe Biden unveiled his job creation plan on March 31, which includes a huge investment in rail transport. It is expected that, in addition to the issue of employment of the population, this will contribute to economic recovery and the solution of climate change problems. The entire proposed eight-year strategy is estimated at $ 2 trillion, the transport and infrastructure component – $ 621 billion, reports Railway Supply magazine citing RailwayPro.

investment in rail transport
Joe Biden President of the United States. Picture:

According to Joe Biden, the program will create millions of jobs, “restore the country’s infrastructure and allow the United States to surpass China.”

“The US Job Creation Plan includes building new rail corridors and transit lines, reducing congestion, reducing pollution, reducing commuting times and investing in connecting communities to jobs-rich cities,” the president said.

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Joe Biden is urging Congress to make historic and overdue investments in the country’s roads, bridges, railways, ports, airports and transportation systems.

If congressmen support the proposal of the head of state, passenger and freight rail transportation will receive an investment of $ 80 billion. They will go to bridging the repair gap for the passenger carrier Amtrak, upgrading the Northeast Corridor (NEC), upgrading main rail lines and electrification.

The announced plan also includes $ 25 billion for airports and $ 17 billion for inland waterways and ports. As for road transport, the program provides $ 115 billion to repair bridges and roads.


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