UZ successfully sold 2.62 thousand tons of ferrous scrap for the amount of UAH 10.6 million. The average price per ton of sold secondary raw materials was UAH 3.93 thousand. Railway Supply writes about this with reference to

UZ scrap

The operator planned to sell 11.62 thousand tons of raw materials for UAH 45.47 million. But only three auctions out of 25 were held. The company failed to sell 8.99 thousand tons of scrap for more than UAH 34.96 million. This is not the first time that suitable lots have been put up, but buyers are not interested in these types of scrap or consider the cost to be high.

UZ banned the use of castings with an exceeded service life on wagons

Among the sold scrap metal, there are mainly worn-out parts of the rolling stock. Other lots consist of shavings, wire, engine parts, etc. Such scrap metal is not popular among metallurgical enterprises.

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