Due to the withdrawal of UZ from the CIS Railway Transport Council, transit transportation of goods through the territory of Ukraine is planned to be charged according to the internal tariff book from January 1, 2023. This was discussed during a meeting of the Export Office at UZ, Railway Supply magazine reports with reference to Rail.insider.


Accordingly, after dissociating itself from the pro-Russian organization, the tariff agreement with the CIS countries will not be applied on the territory of Ukraine. The draft decision on the initiative of UZ to charge a transit tariff on the basis of the internal one was sent to the Ministry of Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine. The approval of the document by the transport department is awaited.

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At the same time, the Ministry is also considering a new edition of the Collection of tariffs for the transportation of goods (with changes regarding the unification of tariff classes and simplification of calculation).

Transit traffic has now decreased tenfold compared to the period before the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation and makes up an insignificant share of Ukrzaliznytsia’s traffic. This is, in particular, transportation between Moldova and EU countries.

As a rule, UZ internal tariffs for freight transportation have always been lower than transit ones.

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