Ukrzaliznytsia increases the number of repaired electric locomotives at its enterprises

After a major overhaul Zaporizhia Electric Locomotive Repair Plant sent an electric locomotive of ChS4 Series No. 078 to the production unit of the Kiev-Passenger Locomotive Depot (South-Western Railway branch of Ukrzaliznytsia). This is reported by Railway Supply magazine referring to company.

Ukrzaliznytsia increases

Since January 2021, Zaporizhia Electric Locomotive Repair Plant has completed overhaul of 18 electric locomotives.

The plans of Zaporizhia Electric Locomotive Repair Plant for 2021 include the repair of 80 electric locomotives, 441 traction motors, 292 wheelsets, 562 auxiliary machines and units.

PJSC “Zaporizhia Electric Locomotive Repair Plant” (ZERZ) is a diversified enterprise, founded in 1905, specializing in overhaul and modernization:

  • electric locomotives manufactured by Skoda (Czech Republic) – series ChS-2, ChS-4, ChS-7, ChM-8;
  • electric locomotives manufactured by NZVZ (Novocherkassk) – series VL-80K, VL-80T, VL-80S, VL-82M;
  • traction units for open-pit railway transport OP31, OP31A, OP31AM, PE2M;
  • traction and auxiliary electric machines of electric locomotives of the VL and ChS series, diesel locomotives, traction units;
  • wheelsets of electric locomotives of the VL and ChS series, electric trains ER1, ER2, ER9 and quarry traction units.


Overhaul repairs of electric locomotives ChS-2, ChS-4

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