On October 25, during an online meeting on cooperation with Hungarian carriers, UZ called on foreign carriers to become more actively involved in working with Ukrainian cargo due to the uncertainty of the issue with the further work of the “grain corridor”. It is reported by Railway Supply with reference to Rail.insider.

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In recent months, many companies have redirected grain transportation from western crossings to seaports. This was facilitated by the work of the “grain corridor”. The term of agreements on it expires on November 22. Negotiations are currently underway to extend the agreement.

UZ resumes the sale of wagon shipments in grain carriers for export

“There is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen next. 50/50 chance of continuing. The aggressor side is sabotaging the work of the “grain corridor” in every possible way, slowing down the inspection of ships. Now there are 170 ships in line. This is gradually beginning to affect the transportation of grain towards ports. Therefore, we need to be prepared for the fact that grain cargoes will again travel more actively towards the western border crossings. It is necessary to further increase the acceptance of goods. This is very important for us,” said Valery Tkachev, Deputy Director of the Department of Commercial Work of UZ.

He added that the Hungarian crossings show a slight increase in the acceptance of wagons, however, there are still reserves for increasing volumes.

Due to the slowdown in the inspection of ships in Odessa ports, difficulties are already being felt with the transshipment of grain. At the same time, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine reported that an agreement had been reached with Turkey and the UN on the continuation of the “grain initiative”.

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