Under the contracts signed in October and November 2020, TMH dispatched two diesel locomotives for passenger and freight rail transportation to Demirýollary, the railway operator of Turkmenistan. New diesel locomotives will be delivered to the Ashgabat locomotive depot.

diesel locomotives

The Russian rolling stock manufacturer supplied one TEP70BS class passenger diesel locomotive and one 2TE25KM class freight diesel locomotive. This is the first delivery of freight and passenger diesel locomotives to Turkmenistan since TMH was founded, reports Railway Supply magazine with reference to TMH.

The TEP70BS class, manufactured by TMH at the plant in Kolomna, is designed for the transportation of passenger trains on 1520-gauge railways. Their rated power is 2942 kW (4000 hp) per locomotive section, and the control system allows one crew to control two locomotives as an integral part

The modular locomotive designed for multi-unit operation is distinguished by high efficiency in operation, maintenance and repair. The locomotive is capable of speeds up to 160 km/h. These locomotives are equipped with a microprocessor control system, monitoring and diagnostics, as well as a combined system for automatic regulation of the coolant temperature.

diesel locomotives
тепловоз 2ТЭ25КМ

Locomotive 2TE25KM, manufactured by TMH at the plant in Bryansk, is a mainline freight two-section diesel locomotive with an electric transmission. It can carry trains with a carrying capacity of up to 6400 tons and has proven itself to be reliable in various climatic conditions. Class 2TE25KM is widely used in railway transport in Russia and Mongolia, as well as at industrial sites in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

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