The railway freight company Transachema, part of the Achema group of companies, has acquired a modernized diesel locomotive TEM2UM-1000, which belongs to the popular series of shunting locomotives.

modernized shunting diesel locomotive TEM2UM

Фото Transachema Локомотив

This is the seventh and one of the most technologically advanced locomotives available in the Transachema fleet, reports Railway Supply magazine citing

The modernized TEM2UM-100 is so far the only locomotive in the Baltic region with a 900 kW diesel engine with a low emission level. Jonas Varkulevičius, CEO of Transachema, is pleased that the company, which is constantly looking for more environmentally friendly and efficient technological solutions, has acquired a diesel locomotive that meets the highest environmental requirements, with modern equipment and a new economical diesel engine.

“From now on, it is important for us to be even more environmentally friendly. The new locomotive consumes about a third less fuel and meets the highest Stage V standard in Europe. In addition, TEM2UM-1000 will be very important when transporting goods to the Gaiziunai railway station (Jonava region) – this route has the largest hill in Lithuania, so if the old generation locomotives can deliver about 800 tons of trains here because of the hill , then the new diesel locomotive is about 1,500 tons, ”says the head of the company.

Earlier, RWS announced a unique modernization of the TEM2 LTG Tech locomotive.

LTG Tech

LTG Tech provides comprehensive services for the repair, modernization of rolling stock, freight cars, repair of components and assemblies. The company is part of the LTG Lithuanian Railways group and offers modern, flexible, cost-effective solutions that meet market requirements.

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