TrainScanner started operations at Pendolino Service Center

TrainScanner (an innovative device of preventive maintenance of Alstom trains) has started operating at the Pendolino service center in Warsaw. It will be used to service 20 Pendolino trains from the PKP Intercity fleet, as railway magazine «Railway Supply» reports, citing Raport Kolejowy.

TrainScanner started
Picture: Alstom

TrainScanner uses cameras and 3D lasers to automatically assess and predict the maintenance of wheels, brake pads and carbon pantograph pads, as well as chassis and composite coating integrity. The data collected from the subsystems that TrainScanner collects while the train is moving is especially useful in the case of a large or geographically dispersed fleet of vehicles and when a high level of their availability is required. After automatic validation, the data is sent to the Alstom HealthHub ™ platform, which uses well-trained algorithms to transform the raw data into actionable information, resulting in a health index calculated for each item tested.

Picture: raportkolejowy

TrainsScanner and HealthHub ™ provide significant benefits from both a maintenance and operational point of view, helping to reduce material consumption and the number of maintenance operations required, and therefore significant savings for rail operators. This system helps to extend service intervals, extend component life and provide greater safety during operation.

The TrainsScanner and HealthHub ™ presentation can be found here


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