Train Travel Sounds: LRT OPUS has created a unique playlist for travelers. LTG Link and radio station LRT OPUS have joined efforts during the summer tourist season.

Train Travel Sounds: Unique Travel Playlist Created

“Our project  «How does Lithuania sound when traveling?» started this fall. We shared our favorite songs sent by the travelers themselves. Music is often inseparable, and that’s why we donate it by making new musical discoveries, ”says Linas Baužys, head of LTG Link.

According to the head of LRT OPUS, Evelinos Kazakevičiūtės, the playlist was created for the mood while traveling – a little nostalgia, a little upbeat rhythms when your travel destination is close, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to LTG Link.

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“We will not let our listener be sad when traveling from point A to point B. It will be a musical palette of styles that dominate our atmosphere,” says Evelinos Kazakevičiūtės.

In the playlist you will find the most popular genres of LRT OPUS radio station – electronic and rock music. “However, true gourmets and connoisseurs will hear echoes of jazz, soul or rhythm blues,” adds Darius Užkuraitis, music editor at LRT OPUS. It is good that, together with well-known foreign bands and performers, Lithuanian musicians look on an equal footing, – notes the music editor of LRT OPUS.

This playlist can be found on the Spotify LTG Link account titled Traveling with LRT OPUS.


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