Theft of an electrical cable in Kiev led to a delay in trains

Due to the theft of an electric cable at the Darnitsa station (in the city of Kyiv) on the morning of Wednesday, March 31, several trains were delayed for more than an hour. Among the passenger trains there were both fast interregional and suburban ones, reports Railway Supply magazine with reference to UNN.

Theft of an electrical cable in Kiev led to a delay in trains

“Trains (long-distance and suburban) that pass Darnitsa station are gaining 1–1.5 hours lag. Due to theft of the cable – a closed traffic signal, restoration work is underway. First of all – safety, so the movement is slowed down. Long-distance trains, if possible, will catch up with the delay. The forecast for recovery is up to two hours, “said Alexander Pertsovsky, director of the Passenger Company branch of Ukrzaliznytsia, on his Facebook page.

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He added that more severe penalties should be envisaged for encroachment on the strategic railway infrastructure.

Among the trains delayed were No. 712 Kyiv – Konstantinovka, No. 150 Khodorov – Poltava, No. 19/20 Popasnaya – Kyiv, No. 137 Svatovo – Khmelnitsky and others. In suburban traffic, passengers of electric trains going to Nizhyn and back, as well as to Yagotin, had to wait.


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