The “Italian strike” of railway workers will lead to a halt in train traffic.

The strike of Ukrainian railroad workers will lead to a stop of train traffic

Due to the strike of UZ workers, rolling stock that does not meet all safety requirements may not enter the routes. And this is 80% of all passenger cars in Ukraine and 70% of locomotives.

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On October 12, an “Italian strike” began at a number of UZ depots. According to Vladimir Kozelsky, chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Railway Workers, the company’s employees will go on strike against poor working conditions and low wages because the government does not respond to their requests.

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On August 11, the railway workers turned to the Prime Minister of Ukraine with a demand to get in touch and discuss the situation at UZ.

The prime minister ignored it. At the same time, the company had an agreement with the government to raise wages by 25%, but in 2 years the salaries of employees grew by only 10%.

Within the framework of the strike, all personnel will begin to work strictly “according to instructions” and will only carry out those actions that do not contradict it.

In reality, such an approach can paralyze the work of Ukrzaliznytsia, because the instructions forbid to operate vehicles with overdue repairs.

According to the head of the South-Western Railway from 2002 to 2015, Alexei Krivopishin, there is still a significant amount of rolling stock in UZ with expired repairs:

– 70% of locomotives
– 80% of passenger cars

The trade union includes 30 thousand representatives of the railway industry. According to Kozelsky, in a letter to the Cabinet of Ministers (which the government ignored), they demanded:

– force the management of UZ to comply with the industry agreement (revision of salaries)
– to replace the composition of the governing bodies, the supervisory board;
– to provide UZ workers with safe working conditions.

At the same time, the Trade Union of Railway Workers and Transport Builders of Ukraine announced that it was coordinating positions and working out an algorithm for possible actions, in particular for organizing and carrying out “work according to instructions” (a strike).

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