The Russian Federation has banned the import of wagon casting and railway wheels from Ukraine

The Russian government has introduced a ban on the import of several types of railway products from Ukraine, reports Railway Supply magazine with reference to REUA.

banned the import of wagon casting and railway wheels

The site contains a corresponding copy of the document restricting Ukrainian exports.

It is reported that the list of goods prohibited for import into the territory of the Russian Federation includes “assembled or disassembled axles for railway wheels with a diameter of 710 mm or more, wheelsets, wheels, wheel blanks of the same size.”

In addition, the prohibition applies to rail freight car frames and bolsters. The corresponding government decree was dated February 6 and published on the portal of legal information. The document supplements the list of goods, the country of origin or departure of which is Ukraine, as well as products transported through its territory.

From January 22, 2021, the decision of the Eurasian Economic Commission to increase the duty on the supply of railway wheels from Ukraine to the countries of the “Customs Union” was terminated.

The domestic manufacturer of railway wheels is Interpipe. According to the company, in 2020 it reduced sales of pipe and railway products in tons by 17%.


Kazakh railway wheels replaced Ukrainian

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