CFR SA has launched the first phase of the Bucharest Railway complex modernization program

 railway complex modernization

The national railway company “CFR” SA has announced an open tender for a total amount of 22,537,410 lei (4.5 million euros) for the development of a feasibility study necessary for the modernization of lines and structures in the Bucharest railway complex (605.7 km), reports railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to CFR SA.

The tasks of CNCF CFR SA for the modernization of the Bucharest railway complex with a length of railway lines of approximately 605 km includes the following areas of analysis and development:

  • Northern railway complex Bucharest – length 156 km;
  • Bucharest railway ring – length 316 km;
  • The connection with the Bucharest railway ring – length 133 km.

The main objective of the modernization work on the railway infrastructure related to the Bucharest railway complex is to increase the attractiveness / competitiveness of railway transport by improving the quality of passenger and cargo service while increasing operational safety.

модернизации Бухарестского железнодорожного комплекса

Particular attention will be paid to Bucharest’s North Railway Complex, which serves most of the current rail service. The rest of the rail infrastructure will also be analyzed to determine the potential demand for freight and passenger traffic.

CFR announces tender for the modernization of the Bucharest – Craiova railway line

The modernization of the railway infrastructure and the introduction of a Traffic Control Center at the level of the Bucharest railway complex will significantly reduce the crossing time of the Bucharest railway ring, as well as provide much shorter travel times for freight transport. because the volume of goods is increasing compared to the current situation.


745 million euros for the modernization of the railway in Romania

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