Bulgarian manufacturer of shunting locomotives introduced the first ES3000 battery-powered locomotive with a track gauge of 1520 mm

The ES3000 locomotive has been delivered to a major railway plant in Lithuania, as reported by the railway portal Railway Supply, citing the manufacturer.

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This is already the third locomotive from the lineup of Bulgarian manufacturer Express Service’s shunting locomotives delivered to the Baltic country.

The company sees significant potential for battery-powered locomotives in all three Baltic countries and, of course, in Ukraine.

Two battery-powered shunting locomotives ES1000, produced by Express Service, are heading to England!

By abandoning their railway and industrial ties of the past, these countries today have a great demand for high-quality and efficient shunting solutions from Europe, particularly important for Ukraine.

About Express Service:

Express Service is an Eastern European leader in the production of shunting locomotives. The Bulgarian company has developed a range of diesel shunting locomotives and locomotives powered by battery batteries that can cover almost the entire range of shunting work in industrial facilities, access tracks, railway stations, and even in light rail maintenance.

Express Service OOD
DZS, Ruse 7011, Bulgaria
Tel. +359 88 7412838

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Shunting locomotives by Express Service are reliable solution to every shunting task

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