The contract for the supply of Evolution diesel locomotives to Egypt has been completed

The last batch of 10 Evolution series locomotives (manufactured by the American company Wabtec) arrived at the port of Alexandria on March 31. The delivery is part of an agreement signed in 2017 between Egyptian National Railways and General Electric. The contract provided for the supply of 110 locomotives and the repair of 81 units of rolling stock, informs Railway Supply magazine citing Railway Pro

supply diesel locomotives
Picture: Wabtec

The Egyptian railway received the first batch of 10 locomotives from GE Transportation in December 2019. Prior to the current delivery, the fifth batch of 50 new locomotives arrived in September 2020. They were transported along the Alexandria – Cairo railway route.

MDD 4 diesel shunting locomotive

The agreement also provides for the provision of maintenance services and spare parts required for a fleet of 181 diesel locomotives, as well as training for employees. According to the National Railways of Egypt, the total contract value is $ 602 million.

Locomotives of the ES30ACi Light Evolution series can be used for both passenger and freight rail transportation. They are equipped with a 3200 horsepower 12-cylinder engine. The locomotive is equipped with two air-conditioned cabins, an AC power plant and dynamic brakes.


MDD 3 diesel shunting locomotive