A design concept of capsule passenger car was presented at the PRO // Motion Railway exhibition.

капсульные вагоны
Picture: TMH Engineering

The design used international experience, as well as feedback from passengers and staff. It is assumed that each carriage will have 56 individual capsule seats located on two levels. The bunks will be 150mm longer than the current standard, with separate curtains and an ergonomically shaped backrest, reports Railway Supply magazine.

Facilities include a desk, USB sockets and switches. Curtain rods have built-in LEDs for lighting, and there are some brighter LEDs as individual lights.

капсульные вагоны
Picture: TMH Engineering

The layout of the luggage storage space can be changed by passengers in accordance with their needs.

The capsule car is designed for the T dimension, which is 280 mm wider and 730 mm longer than the more common 1-VM. This increases the passenger capacity by 11%.

The design speed of this train is 160 km/h and it is assumed that the maintenance intervals can be increased from 3,000 km to 25,000 km.

Capsule passenger car concept presented by TMH Engineering.


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