A suspicious substance found at a subway station in Tokyo, Japan’s capital, has alarmed authorities. While train traffic was suspended for about 1 hour, about 42,000 people were affected due to traffic disruptions, writes Railway Supply, citing Railly News.

Tokyo metro

A panic with a suspicious substance occurred at Ueno Station in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. A white powdery substance found on the platform of a train on the Hibiya subway line around 07:30 am has alarmed authorities. A large number of police and firefighters were sent to the scene, and passengers were evacuated from the platform. While train traffic between Naka-Okachimachi and Kita-Senju stations was suspended for about an hour, it was reported that about 42,000 passengers were affected by traffic disruptions. Although there were long queues at the stations due to the fact that the movement of trains was temporarily impossible, experts did not find any risks. A detailed investigation into the incident has begun.

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